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Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, are an extremely useful and powerful tool for today's operations. The V in VPN stands for Virtual; this network appears to be a Private Network, but it actually uses the internet. The P is for Private; using the latest strong encryption technologies, a properly operated VPN will tightly encrypt all traffic between computers connected to the internet. This ensures no one will monitor your traffic between the VPN endpoints. Whether to enable remote contract or after-hours workers, VPNs are immensely useful. With a properly set up VPN, your firm can confidently allow access to home users. Remote users will have the same access as they have at their desk in the office except that the connection is not as fast. Although VPNs can be set up using protocols native to Microsoft Windows™, other protocols are better.

Let CoSysCo work with you in setting up a VPN. We use either OpenBSD firewall systems or Gnat box firewall systems.  One major advantage to the Gnat box is that remote operations, such as a warehouse or satellite office, can seamlessly connect to the home office using VPN technology.

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