Coordinated Systems Company


Useful Links

Dartmouth ISTS Institute for Security Technology Studies, a great daily news summary site for security topics.

SANS, the Sysadmin, Audit, Network, and Security Institute.  Training for security experts.

DShield, the Distributed Intrusion Detection System. Check this site to see if your address is attacking other sites on the net. If your site is listed, you need to do something NOW. Contact CoSysCo for help immediately, and mention that you are listed on DShield.

RootPrompt, a Unix-centric security news and discussion site.

SlashDot, a Linux-centric news and discussion site. Very popular with geeks, noted as very unfavorable to anything Microsoft.

Security Writers Guild has papers on various security topics. More in depth than the discussion sites.

OpenBSD is the most secure operating system based on its track record. Mostly used for server applications, can be used as a desktop alternative to Linux, but generally only by uber-geeks.